Coping varies day to day

I’m Tracey i’m nearly 33 and i have Crohns and Celiacs disease’ s as well as other stuff and have come to the conclusion that i am doomeddddd!!!  There used to be so much i wanted to do and wanted to be  but it feels like ME, the person has just been hidden away by illnesses and other copious amounts of bulls***, what happens when you cant remember who you are? or what you want, i wanted a family of my own this i remember me and the husband and a few Bratlings, but as of yet this as not happened and truth be told i’m rather dubious that it will, so i have decided i want to get a puppy not a huge dog something that i can love and will love me in return, there’s a few drawbacks to this plan, like a kid grows and learns to  wipe its own bum, i don’t believe four legged friends have evolved that fair yet, i wonder if its possible to teach a dog to use and flush a toilet ( would be a step a head of most men then)…. 


One thought on “Coping varies day to day

  1. Well to start with….cats go out side on their own but your slightly allergic to them lol. At the moment, the children side maybe not coming yet but fate has its ways of showing the reasons why. For example, when you went into hospital but now your on the mend, slowly yes but never less on a mend, who knows what life has planned with you.

    Remember that your a strong person and at times there will be small parts that will open to attack you as a person but believe in your self and do not bend down to these feelings. When you feel down, get in touch with one of your many friends or family, who in them selfs are brilliant.

    Your mum will tell you about how great you are as person and how strong your are in the mind so don’t give in. There is always another way around things but they do take time to find them. Understand your value, look at the positive side of life and then use that strength to tell the negatives where to shove its ideas. Give your self an aim, a target or goal to achieve, follow that and in time you will find that many things are not as bad as seem.

    I to go through stages of bad negatively, with constant unfinished projects, depression hitting me harder each day, no self value and the feeling of being used but still, when I sit back and look around, life is not actually that bad. Its my head that is getting over worked and not able to deal with it, looks at the bad side.

    Your strong person who will with the help of an excellent husband and family, will get through this. I know this as I know you for a very long time 🙂


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