just another blood test

Morning, managed to actually see doctor yesterday, only took two weeks!! Bloody appointment system is the baine of my life, doc wants me to go and have full fasting blood test not had a drink since 10.15 last night feel so thirsty, throat feels so dry, Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry. Advertisements


Its amazing how quickly ones moods can change,yesterday I woke up and felt really good and what made it even better was I got to see my best friend/brother and my goddaughter who gave me lots of hugs and kisses,after that its hard to imagine that my day could turn bad, but my mood swings […]


I used to love writing and reading my mum and dad have always said I was reading before I was walking lol, You see that person walking down the street, you know the one with there nose in a book, that was me, I say was because the last few months I’ve lost my ability, […]


its not easy being me I mean I’m married to Him! For a start, I have come to the conclusion there’s no point me getting pissed off with anyone, as I don’t have the balls to transform rant about someone to rant to the person, or as the wifey would put it I’m a pussy… […]