its not easy being me I mean I’m married to Him! For a start, I have come to the conclusion there’s no point me getting pissed off with anyone, as I don’t have the balls to transform rant about someone to rant to the person, or as the wifey would put it I’m a pussy…

I have been informed by Az (unofficial nephew) (love just the same) that I need to “come over to the dark side, question one) is that me

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One thought on “Sunday,

  1. Being annoyed about some one for what they might of done is simply a waste of energy, take a deep breath and swear to your self. I find that in the past I would continue to keep inside me, the anger of people annoying me.

    In todays world, I find that I have the piss taken out of me by the means of “Banksy can you help….” when they need anything but never “Banksy, how the fuck you been?” Its this attidude that had got me annoyed, upset and extrememly pissed off but now, well that’s a different fish in the sea.

    I look at it as “fuck it, you win some, you loose some” and its this theory that has helped me get from stage one to stage two. I find that my reaction to my childrens misbeaving, the rare agruments with carri have resulted to less things being said that should never of been thought of.

    Its also showed me the real the world of living, for example: Matthew gets hold of the remote to the sky, throws it into the bath. In the old world, I would go on and on and on about it and would of argued with Carri about it, some how accusing her for the cause of the problem. In todays world, I have learnt this;

    Its an item that can be replaced, it has not stopped the world from spinning and shit happenes. This is the one thing that has helped me get calmer, better friend and more understanding. Dont get me wrong, its not always like this but its there as a guide.


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