ways to make money (without losing what little sanity i have left)

Soo as I am totally pissed off with being broke continuously, I am trying to think of ways to raise money, Husbands attempt of raising a idea as he thinks I’m worth more then.I know I am, ex: honey go stand on a st corner I’m sure someone would pay (let me stop there first of all come off it someone pay me for sex more likely pay for me to sod off) (secondly I hope to never no I know I never would be that desperate for money) so back to actual ideas I’m going to sell all my fat opps I mean bigger clothes to try and raise money for skinnier clothes, for the last few months I have been wearing leggings nearly 24/7 and need to get some trousers or jeans, let us not forget jack frost will soon be clambering all over us, so the other option i have is to make and sell cards,


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