cest la vie

If I were to tell you my life story I don’t think most people would believe me, sure there’s a lot of people have been on rollercoasters of there own, I’m not saying I’m the only person that feels and fears the way I do, a few months ago I went to see the gp […]


Woke up very late today (hate waking late) now the whole day has been strange, soooo never mind about that to be honest everyday is pretty strange or somethings changed, maybe its me that’s changed I don’t seem to have any enthusiasm or inspiration, it can’t be down to recovering from the operation, its not […]

merry christmas, happy new year and all that guff!!!

so today is the 19th January i’ve started 2013 off better then 2012 so here’s to that, 2012 hmm yeah how do i sum up my year lets see i spent nearly seven weeks in hospital had two operations and have now since taken root to my sofa while recovering to be honest christmas passed […]