This is no doubt gonna cause backlash but I have to say how I feel. . And I feel fat and ugly I long to feel pretty

love tash


One thought on “Backlash

  1. ummmm you know what I am going to so here it is “don’t talk so much crap!” Yes I said it, why do I say this? It’s because your so wrong with the statement above, apart from the blacklash. Why do you feel the need to look pretty when you already do a good job of it?

    Today’s world is all about looking like a model, feeling like one and earning money like one. Yet when you look at the newspapers or mags you see these people feeling down, upset and wanting to take their life away. Why is that? it’s because fame is not what it seems.

    When it comes to fat, don’t ever look at it that way…why? It’s quite simple as you’re not! Fat is such an ugly word and I hate it on so many many many levels. I will tell you what mate, I have put cas on a diet plan that’s working for her and I am going to do the same for you. We will go through what food you like and come out with a plan, so when you online next time, msg me.

    I cannot help it but to put across to you that you’re not ugly, you’re NOT a joke and in the real world you a lovely pretty person who will take time to help others. Remember that the so called pretty ones are usually the ones who do not like life, who are fed up. At the same time, you might not have everything you ever wanted but you have a life that’s not wasted, a life with a husband who loves you very much and a free holiday at your mum’s.

    It’s good that you can express your views on here and keep doing so.



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