Two week’s and two days ago ade my hubby had a stroke he is 42 and quite often I know he is feeling like its the end of life as he knows it, I hope something good comes out of this because at the moment all that’s been left in its wake is intense heartache, I have at times well most days wanted to run away and hide not from ade but this situation he is convinced that he was a incredibly horrible person in a previous life for this to just drop on him like a hurricane from above with seemingly no warning signs at all, today I am traveling to beccles to see my family I will be away from him for eleven days we were both meant to be going but now that’s not possible at present I don’t want to go or rather I do but I don’t, walking away from him every night has been hard enough but to not be seeing him for ten days is breaking me


2 thoughts on “Stroke

  1. My nan has had a stroke this week to, it’s hard on the family but at the same time we accept its what life does. We all suffer in some forms or another and with all the crap in the air, well who knows what side affects have on us. Keep strong and remember he is great at making tea, the one aim to keep him going.


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