a whole new world

That is what this is, this whole new day to day thing of life after a’s stroke and finding out certain people who i believed to be friends stabbed me firmly in the back repeatedly, and the thing is i still find myself checking the phone to see if she has tried to contact, pathetic right when the fuck will i learn,


Sooooo any ways plans are in the works for a whole new life moving and starting a fresh


2 thoughts on “a whole new world

  1. it’s winning the lottery mate, when you win, many love you but when you lose it all, they are all busy. I am not sure who you are talking about but don’t let it effect you, concentrate only on you and your husband. I have been constantly stabbed in the back by many friends in the past who seem to ignore me or even become to busy to even say hello, so I do know how you feel. I learnt that my family life is what matters, sod every one else. It was only then that I had realised who my mates are, pain the fucking neck mates but mates never the less.



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