and still the pages turn

I love nothing more then standing in a book shop as long (as it doesn’t smell of stale water like a certain place in North Finchley) or even the library and just looking standing and looking around me, if we can choose things to have in heaven one of my choices is book shops lots of book shops,

So life is like a book I guess mine would no way be a best seller that’s for sure…. I used to write stories I say used to as I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on much of anything to be honest,

I have to have B12 injections and was like six weeks overdue so I’m hoping seeing as I had it on Friday I could possibly feel more alive some point soon, 

So country life is grand had the wif of manure last week (yucky) but will have to get used to it I’m glad we made the decision to move he still has frequent wobbles, 

Trace xx 


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