Help needed

persons A and B left hometown to start new life in town where B family lives B is happy  in establishing a whole new life as was not happy previously A keeps saying wants to go back B does not. A says left family behind B wants to say they don’t seem to give a toffee as they never ring or anything but A is adement wants to go back what should B do !!


2 thoughts on “Help needed

  1. Well mate, this is a s**ty situation to be in, the problem here is that the option to return will be hard as the council option will no longer be available. Getting to come back here will take a great deal of work and will more than likely result to private rental. The rent to be paid at that rate will be higher than what your paying for at the current location. I can understand both points of view, so I would therefore recommend that you look at house exchanges, if that’s an option. Leaving London takes a lot of guts however, there is extras here are something people will miss.

    Starting at a new location is always hard but at the same time, it’s the best option to remove your self from what was. Have a good chat with B to review the options and carefully think about what made you leave the before to start the new as not all is as good as you think. Person C living in Whetstone believes that you did the correct thing, getting out of London allows you to get on with life, to start a new way of living and to better yourself.

    You know my number….

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