Gastro appointment 17/09/15

Evening guys need to comb your little grey cells… I need to get as much info as possible about TNFs ie adalimumab and inflixmab, 
So as promised here is the update from today’s appointment, 

Aza is being increased to 200 from 150 got to have fortnightly blood tests for next two months, also not in remission anymore which I suspected but according to my doc (who seems to like attempting to sugarcoat things) were gonna call it a grumble not in flare, 
If the narrowing doesn’t decrease after meds have been increased then surgery is next,  
I don’t see it changing do you? 
Told him about poohing acid wants me to go back on questrian lite 
Asked him is there a IBD nurse at the hospital he said yes think he thought I was already seeing her but he’s getting it sorted out for me, and he wants me to talk through with her about the injections….

As he wants to put me on them I four months


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